on Anything

That’s right, when we say ‘your image on anything’, we mean it.

  • We have a variety of fabrics for all sorts of furniture, such as deck chairs, director chairs or even cushions.

  • With Colourworx printing processes, we are able to print directly onto particular metals. This product is popular for branding as well as creating unique pieces of art.

  • Colourworx provides both dye sublimated felt mats which are popular in bars and restaurants as well as logo mats which are a heavy duty carpet style floor mat. We have a range of sizes from standard bar mats through to custom seven metre long logo mats.

    Bar Runners

    These are the preferred point of sale for some of New Zealand’s leading brands for product launches, brand awareness and promotions. They have also become a very effective message medium more recently adopted by some councils.

    Floor Mats

    The ultimate point of sale solution! These mats give you the ability to get your product directly in front of the prospective client at the point of entry and again at the point of sale! We offer two types of mats, you can choose from our Photo Mats (sublimated) or Logo Mats (inkjet).